You Are God’s Hands And Feet To The World

12% of our total budget at Clarksville Christian Church is given to missions organizations
LOCAL: Family Promise of Hamilton County, Hamilton County Meals on Wheels, Standard Publication, The Christian Center – Anderson
USA: Cody Isaacson — Israel, Johnson University — Fair Preaching Scholarship, Silent Blessings, Team Expansion — Former Minister, T Stapleton, The Ark Christian Camp
WORLD: Zimbabwe Christian College, IDES — International Disaster Emergency Services, Joshua Fund — Israel,  MPAS — Michael Dawson, Venezuela
ADOPTED CHILDREN—Yearly Sponsorships
Calvin Juma Onyango, age 23 World Vision, Kenya, Africa
Mary Njeri Mwangi, age 16 MOHI Kenya, Africa
Good Samaritan — Hamilton County, Heifer International—animals for living assistance, Local families, Local and/or National Disaster Fund, Our Daily Bread, Well Fund, Wheeler Mission, Campus Life — Southeastern Schools, Bring Good News, Samaritan’s Purse, ICOM — International Conference on Missions