You Are God’s Hands and Feet To The World.

12% of our total budget at Clarksville Christian Church is given to missions organizations LOCAL Hamilton County Sheriff’s Chaplaincy Standard Publication
USA Cody Isaacson — Israel Johnson University, Fair Preaching Scholarship Mountain Mission School, Grundy, VA Silent Blessings Team Expansion, Former Minister, T Stapleton The Ark Christian Camp/Rainbow
WORLD Zimbabwe Christian College International Disaster Emergency Services Joshua Fund, Israel MPAS, Michael Dawson, Venezuela Training Tomorrow’s Leaders, Ghana, Africa
ADOPTED CHILDREN—Yearly Sponsorships
Calvin Juma Onyango, age 21 World Vision, Kenya, Africa Mary Njeri Mwangi, age 13 CMFI Kenya, Africa
Good Samaritan, Hamilton County Heifer International—animals for living assistance Local families Local and/or National Disaster Fund Our Daily Bread Salvation Army Well Fund Wheeler Mission WGNR, Christian radio station