Sunday School Classes

New Members-Jon Vance
Getting to know Clarksville Christian Church

This is a  four week class to introduce CCC to visitors, non–members, and even members who want a refresher class on various topics like: Who’s who in the church (leadership), a little background of CCC, our mission and vision, core beliefs, baptism, and becoming a member.

Find Us Faithful-Dave Zeller
FaithWeaver NOW
FaithWeaver NOW is designed to strengthen today’s families while weaving faith into their busy lives. As Families learn the same Bible truths-in age-appropriate ways- the result is more naturally occurring faith conversations and practical real-life applications.
Kingdom Kids
Creepers and Crawlers
Infants & Toddlers
Walkers and Talkers
Preschool Aged Children
Readers and Writers
School Aged Children
Young Adults
Teens & College Age Young Adults