Sunday School Classes

New Members-Jon Vance
Getting to know Clarksville Christian Church

This is a  five week class to introduce CCC to visitors, non–members, and even members who want a refresher class on various topics like: Who’s who in the church (leadership), a little background of CCC, our mission and vision, core beliefs, baptism, and becoming a member.

Find Us Faithful-Dave Zeller
FaithWeaver NOW
FaithWeaver NOW is designed to strengthen today’s families while weaving faith into their busy lives. As Families learn the same Bible truths-in age-appropriate ways- the result is more naturally occurring faith conversations and practical real-life applications.
Kingdom Kids
Mighty Messages is an amazing program for all of our kids.  This program is easy for all ages to be able to learn, understand and engage in. Mighty Messages teaches the bedrock principles of our Christian Faith and the Bible with scripture, lessons, crafts, games, activity and coloring pages.
Creepers and Crawlers
Infants & Toddlers
Walkers and Talkers
Preschool Aged Children
Readers and Writers
School Aged Children
Young Adults
Teens & College Age Young Adults